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 intro to improv CLASS


Includes 2 tickets to an Improv at The Comedy Palace show & a meal the day of the class, from The Greek Palace (connected to the class venue) so you can get to know the instructors and potential future classmates!

In this no pressure introductory class, you’ll see that you don’t have to be an actor, or even be funny, in order to improvise. Enthusiasm and being able to say, “Yes!” are the only requirements. We’ll play some easy group games to introduce you to the magical spirit of improv, and we promise a fun and comfortable experience. We’ll explore what makes a strong comedic Character, and you might even leave with a fun Character in your back pocket to use for later!  You’ll definitely come away with a new perspective on how to express yourself creatively!

Whether your goal is to perform improv for an audience, gain more confidence in your comedic voice, or feel more comfortable with your stand up comedy routine/character, this is the class for you to discover what the magic of improv can do for you.

There is no obligation to enroll in classes by signing up for this pre-level improv class.

These will be done on select Saturdays. Dates and times TBD soon.





Paul believes that improvisers hold a funhouse mirror up to the audience, and teaches with a heavy emphasis on the intersections of improv and psychology. A native Okie with a Bachelor’s in Theatre Education, he’s been improvising since 1998, a grad of Chicago’s The Second City (improv and sketch writing), iO and The Annoyance Theatre in 2000. He performed on the Del-Award winning IO Chicago house team, “Fox Force Five." He wrote and taught the improv curriculum for Colorado School of Acting, taught improv for Rocky Mountain Theatre for Kids and Colorado Free University. Creator/Director of the improvised within an outline modern adaptation shows: “Mafia Macbeth”, “Harry Potter and The Midsummer Night’s Dream” and “Redneck Romeo and Juliet”, which has had 6 different runs, including The Second City Hollywood, and was the first improvised production to be nominated for a Denver Post Ovation Award.



Christine’s improv philosophy is that there are no mistakes, only gifts, and the process should be joy-filled. She has completed the training programs at The Second City Chicago (improv and sketch writing), iO Chicago, the Annoyance Theater, and The Groundlings.

A classically trained actor, Christine is a graduate of Cornell University’s Theatre Arts Program. She has also studied Meisner Technique through the Neighborhood Playhouse, and Shakespeare through the Royal Shakespeare Company. Her film and tv credits include the indie comedy feature “Sex and Assassins”, the AFI short “Tim of the Jungle”, and “The Mindy Project”.



David’s improv philosophy is absorb, judge, consistency, evolve, repeat. A San Diego native, graduate of The Second City Hollywood program and also trained at UCB and IO in L.A. He has participated in numerous theatrical plays in San Diego and L.A. and received honorary mention in one of the San Diego 48 Hour Film Projects. While in The Second City program, he had the amazing privilege to be trained by legendary Jenna Jolovitz. He has coached house teams and been a house team member at Finest City Improv, and was a house team member at Old Town Improv Company. He has coached many house and indie teams in the San Diego area. He volunteers his time performing improv at Pace Senior Living Facilities and as an improv teacher/coach for “at risk youths” with Job Corps. He’s not bringing diversity to improv, he’s bringing improv to diverse people. He believes it’s just more effective that way. Check out his podcast with San Diego improvisers, “Improv Stuff and Thangs with David.”



Stephen's improv philosophy is that you are enough. Creating compelling characters, crafting engaging stories, and eliciting laughs are built on a foundation of confidence from knowing you possess the ability to entertain by being yourself and speaking your truth. A native Houstonian, Stephen has been a part of the San Diego improv community since 2014. He graduated from the Finest City Improv program in 2015 and has been a house team member there ever since. He coaches an indie team, and performed in improvised within an outline shows as Tybalt in “Redneck Romeo and Juliet”, Voldemort/Oberon in “Harry Potter and The Midsummer Night's Dream”, and Donald Trump in “The Trump Clown Show.” He has received training in improv, sketch, and clown from greats including Craig Cackowski, Kevin McDonald, Red Bastard, Red Door, Paul Vaillancourt, Rachel Mason, and Jetzo.




OUR GOAL: “Character-driven scenes with strong characters making bold choices.”




Add more friends, humor, confidence, laughter, playfulness, boldness, creativity, outrageousness, enthusiasm, fascination, intrigue, enchantment, & curiosity to your life!

In each level, we’ll continually review Viola Spolin’s (the godmother of modern improvisation) 5 Obstacles to a Direct Experience:

  1. The Approval/Disapproval Syndrome - Getting over trying to please others

  2. Self-Pity - Conquer self defeat

  3. Success/Failure - Transcend opposites of negative and positive

  4. Attitudes - Drop appearances and learn to deal with the problem

  5. Fear - Defeat fear through a direct experience

Improv at The Comedy Palace improv classes are designed to make you the best improviser you can be by:

  • Lots of scene work

  • Honest individual feedback, challenges and goals

  • A genuine, in-depth focus on finding your comedic voice

Embrace getting out of your comfort zone & play with confidence as strong characters making bold choices

You’ll learn and apply what we call the ABC’s of improv: Attention, Build, Commit

Discover how to be the best and most confident version of yourself

Discover a strength inside you that wants to play

Learn to trust your comedic choices

Mick Napier’s book, “Improvise: Scene from the Inside Out”, is highly recommended for our students, and will help tremendously through their journey of our classes. Mick’s improv philosophy matches very well with Improv at The Comedy Palace’s improv philosophy.



Level 1
ATTENTION/AWARENESS - “A” of our improv abc’s

The most basic, yet most important thing to do in improv is to pay attention, to be aware of everything that is going on with yourself, your partner and the scene.

  • Make strong declarative statements to start a scene, then keep the “Deal” of the 1st 3 lines of the scene

  • Recognize your Character’s physical/vocal/emotional “catchphrases”

  • Less is more - Put a period on it

  • Use silence, utilize other tools (besides words) during silence

  • Give yourself something. Say something. Do something. Justify it later.

  • Recognize the “first unusual thing”, instead of inventing

  • Follow the fear, follow the failure

  • Objects and Environment to add to Characters and scenes

Level 2
BUILD/HEIGHTEN - “B” of our improv abc’s

Take what you have paid attention to, and build/heighten it by giving yourself the gifts of specifics, a strong point of view, creating the game of the scene and beginning to raise the stakes.

  • Keep/maintain the promise you made at the top of the scene with the 1st 3 lines of the scene

  • Recognize and play with status - Lose confidently - The tools of Push/Pull/Hold

  • React with emotion - Show, don’t tell - Utilize Physicality/Clowning Principles

  • Begin Character development - Heighten aspects of yourself for Characters

  • Maintain your Character’s Point of View with specifics

  • Begin scene work with longer 2 person scenes

Level 3
COMMIT - “c” of our improv abc’s

In order for your scene (and show) to work, you must commit to your character’s “Deal”, commit to the promise you made at the top of the scene with the 1st 3 lines of the scene, and commit to the “Deal” of the scene. Committing can seem difficult, but it actually makes your playing more easeful, joyful, rewarding and funny.

  • Raise the stakes even higher of what you’ve established and built/heightened

  • Embrace the awkwardness of not knowing exactly what is happening or what will happen

  • Reinforce commitment to your Character with Historical/Metaphorical/Philosophical specificity

  • Commit to the filter of your Character’s relation to the environment and other characters

  • Learn how to break “improv rules” - Agreement is always implied - Learn how to say, “No”

  • Begin scene work with 3 person scenes

Level 4

Use your knowledge of the ABC’s of improv to craft scenes with freedom and power by thinking, being, and doing through the filter of your Character.

  • Begin more in-depth side coaching

  • Begin investigating the psychology behind your Characters

  • Use more of the Character’s filter

  • With even more in-depth individual feedback, acknowledge and break habits and grow

  • Begin more advanced scene work with multiple people

Level 5

Utilize everything you’ve learned for multiple patterns, themes, games, and callbacks in scenes. No particular “form” is taught in detail, instead, the focus is on your Characters and how they serve the “Mini Armandos” (generally 3 scenes) and “Mini Harolds” (generally 1 short opening or Harold game and 3 scenes) performed in this level.

  • The Stanislavski System and Improv - Using Improv alchemy with Stanislavski’s “Magic If”

  • Deeper honest individual feedback

  • The “Character Gauntlet”

  • Scenes focused to turn your judging mind off to allow the muscle memory of all you’ve learned take over

  • Allow Group Mind to guide your improv


Registration is Non-Refundable

Please be sure about your schedule before you register for class, because, your enrollment holds a space in a class that we are no longer able to offer someone else. Class payments are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE, and can be applied only to the current term’s class for which you have signed up. So please be sure about your schedule before you register.

Class Absences

In order to progress to the next level, you may miss no more than 2  of the 7 classes for the day you signed up for.

Age Requirement

All students must be 18 years or older. Sorry, no exceptions.

 Sketch Writing


“Paul was really good with direct feedback for my work. We analyzed our writing for content, themes, comedy, etc., until we had the framework to create a much better product. It was helpful to have a trained eye look at the writing, and the pieces grew as a result. Paul has a lot of experience, and he was uniquely able to share a lot of tips with us.” - Rollie Williams, featured on the front page of Funny or Die, College Humor, Splitsider, Vulture, Above Average, HuffPo, and World Star Hip Hop, Host of NYC’s critically-acclaimed “An Inconvenient Talk Show.”

show with student sketches at the end of Level 3!

We realize the vulnerability it takes to present your writing to a group, and we promise a safe and supportive environment, where your talent will be nurtured. Through table reads, exercises, rewrites, honest feedback and a willingness to follow your fear, you’ll have a firm confidence in your writing abilities with finalized sketches ready for the stage.

Taught by Paul and Christine, both grads of the famous Chicago The Second City Writing Program.

Paul was Co-Writer/Assistant Director of Chicago’s The Second City Skybox show, “Stepford Lives”, he taught Comedy Writing for Colorado School of Acting, has written several one-man shows and sketch shows, created/directed “Redneck Romeo and Juliet” (nominated for a Denver Post Ovation Award, & also played at The Second City Hollywood), “Mafia Macbeth”, & “Harry Potter and The Midsummer Night’s Dream.”  He wrote the web copy for a 24 hour live music online show which featured, “The Tom Green Show”, was a winner of Denver Comedy Works Comedy Central Stand Up Competition & was a featured stand up comic at Zanie’s in Chicago.

Christine is a graduate of not only Chicago’s The Second City Writing Program, but also of the incredible Character driven training/writing program of The Groundlings in L.A.  She has co-written several sketch shows, and her sketch, “The List”, won Chicago’s The Second City’s first sketch writing contest!



Level 1 - discovering

  • Character basics

  • Solo & Collaborative exercises

  • Build skills in brainstorming

  • Dealing with exposition

  • Character development

  • Reality based dialogue

  • Writing the bones

  • Clarifying your premise

Level 2 - Building

  • Character development 

  • Heightening/Raising the stakes

  • Killing your darlings

  • Scenic formulas

  • Solutions without creating problems

  • The Deal of your scene

  • Buttons/Endings

  • Truth in relation to comedy

Level 3 - fine tuning

  • In-depth Character study

  • Finalizing sketches for the stage (there is a show at end of Level 3!)

  • What does/doesn’t work for your writing personality

  • Fine tuning your comedic voice

    Class Policies

    Registration is Non-Refundable

    Please be sure about your schedule before you register for class, because, your enrollment holds a space in a class that we are no longer able to offer someone else. Class payments are NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE, and can be applied only to the current term’s class for which you have signed up. So please be sure about your schedule before you register.

Classes have homework assignments which will be reviewed during class. Completing these assignments is necessary for your participation in the class to be effective. Missing more than 2 classes may result in not advancing to the next level.

Frequently asked questions


No. We have student shows after levels 4 and 5, specifically for your friends and family to see, so it will be very low pressure and supportive. If you absolutely don’t want to perform, you don’t have to, but we’re pretty sure if you’ve gotten that far in the classes, you’ll really want to!


Plenty of free lot parking directly surrounding the theater, conveniently located right off the 163.


Yes. Everyone is nervous on their first day of improv class. But that changes quickly. We are all in this together, that’s what improv is, supporting each other. We want you to succeed. When fear does show up, we follow the fear, and we make the fear funny. Improv always wins, fear doesn’t win in improv.



No. You don’t have to be funny, in fact, we discourage you from “trying to be funny.” Improv is about exploring the truths of life, and putting a spin on them. The funny will come from the truth. Your life experience is more than enough for you to be an incredible improviser.

Yes. Improv at The Comedy Palace has weekly shows in The Gold Room, with a troupe of improvisers performing “Idiom”, “The Dream”, and “The Distort Report.” Graduates, and even some students, who are ready, will be invited to play with these shows. We also have “Indie Improv Night”, with our grads getting first priority to play with their indie teams. We will add some “house teams” in the future for even more opportunities for our graduates.

We also perform regularly on a stage at a brewery, and at an assisted living facility. All students are welcome to perform at the assisted living facility, for a low-pressure and very rewarding experience, and those who are ready, may perform at the brewery, which will be a step toward performing on our main stage shows at The Comedy Palace.



  • Plenty of scene work

  • A strong focus on Characters

  • Student drink discounts! Full bar and menu

  • Performance opportunities at San Diego’s finest comedy theater

  • 10% Discount if purchasing Levels 2-5 in a lump sum, after taking Level 1

  • Parking is free & plentiful! In a lot directly attached to the theater

  • No focus on warm ups or learning improv forms in depth, rather, we focus on making you the best improviser you can be

  • The city’s most experienced improv instructors, dedicated to giving you individual honest feedback, challenges, and goals


Paul Cross was a top performer at iO for years and a very funny man at that. But more importantly, he was dedicated to the work. Now he is spreading the word of iO and I trust him to teach it well. You can too.
— Charna Halpern - Mother of modern improvisation, Owner of iO Chicago, Author of "Truth in Comedy" & "Art By Committee: A Guide to Advanced Improvisation"
I believe in Improv at The Comedy Palace, because Paul Cross is a well spring of creativity. Constantly thinking outside the box, in a way that makes the box bigger, better and richer.
— Craig Uhlir - IO Chicago/Chicago's The Second City Instructor, The Second City Las Vegas Writer/Performer, & Paul's Coach of Del-Award Winning IO Chicago house team, "Fox Force Five."
I can’t wait to see what happens with Improv at The Comedy Palace, because Paul is the real deal! I had the pleasure of playing with him on my favorite team at iO Chicago — Fox Force Five. Paul is intelligent, hilarious, and a team player. When you play with him you always know he has an eye on the piece as a whole and that he supports you and has your back.
— Robyn Lynne Norris - Taught at The Second City Hollywood and Westside Comedy Theater, Creator of the Off-Broadway show #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment, which she starred in during its Los Angeles (as Undateable) and Chicago runs. The Second City (Las Vegas Mainstage, National Touring Company), iO Chicago (house teams "Fox Force Five" & "The Signatures"), & featured on Conan O'Brien,


I did a lot of stuff that felt so uncomfortable to me, but was completely necessary for me to shed my fear and embrace the weirdness on stage. I feel like I’ve grown so much. I quite enjoyed seeing the build up of the scene, learning about my scene partners, and pushing the limits of my characters. We were taught how to deliver responses through the filter of our character and this helped us forget about our own critical mind.”
— Babel Barm
The beauty of learning the ‘yes and’ in the beginning of one’s improv journey is that you steer away from arguments. I discovered the beauty in holding a different viewpoint than my scene partner while still staying true to the rules of ‘yes and’.”
— Jessica Farber
Because of the honest feedback and expertise, I feel like my abilities and confidence in improv have developed immensely. Before these classes, I was unsure of myself and just plain scared of failure, so my mind and mouth were overworking. I learned to say, “Forget my fear, and mess stuff up!” I learned to shut up, listen, and ‘put a period on it’ in order to let the scene develop organically vs. forcing my idea. I learned to really feel and react through the lens of my character, and that simply responding to the last thing said can get me out of my head and back to listening to my partner. Most importantly, I was instilled with a fiery passion and love of improv that was not there before.”
— Eddie Ruiz
Exercises included letting go of ego, connection, being present, being vulnerable, and being comfortable in awkward situations. This unique teaching style’s main goal is to train students at becoming better improvisers.”
— Austin Robles
In a scene, the urge to solve a problem or be apologetic for what happened in the circumstances of a scene is always there. I learned to embrace the problem and use it as a gift to dig deeper into a character. Once I did that, I was able to make bolder choices and play characters I might usually stay away from out of fear of failure.”
— Jon Wright
Rather than focusing on ‘rules’, we spent our time finding what each scene was about, and once identified, found ways to make the scene more about that. This approach enables you to sustain a scene and really dig in to the human vulnerability that we often shy away from.”
— Seamus Scanlan
I learned how to pull ‘characters’ from my real life in order to play characters on stage that I don’t usually get to play. It’s safe to say I will be using this skill almost every time I improv from now on!”
— Elwin Warsh
This was a notable developmental experience for me as an improviser. It taught me how to to honestly commit to characters in a way that can breathe uniquely entertaining new life in an on-stage relationship. I highly recommend for all improvisers looking to expand their character and relationship work.”
— Hudson Reynolds


If you’re seeking entertainment for your conference, meeting or celebration, Improv at The Comedy Palace can customize an improv show specifically for your needs.

You’ll get hilarious improvised/improvised within an outline/written sketches tailored specifically for your organization, including songs & audience participation, all with costumed impersonations of specific people in your company (if you so desire, but, this is always fun, and never mean-spirited.)

You can also choose a show with specific people in your group being interviewed for an “Idiom” and/or “The Dream” shows, as well as a tailor made “The Distort Report” show which includes improvised scenes inspired by your organization’s and/or area of specialty’s newsletters, memos, articles, etc.

Our team has two graduates of the famous Chicago’s The Second City Sketch Writing Program, three graduates of The Second City’s Improv Conservatory, which uses improv to produce sketches, as well as a graduate of L.A.’s The Groundlings, which also specializes in creating sketches. We’ll customize a show, big or small, for anything related to your company/area of specialty.  Our team consists of San Diego’s finest improvisers, and we guarantee to create an experience which your team will remember fondly for years to come!

We’re also a perfect fit for a very special holiday party or event entertainment option!


If you’re looking for an entertaining, unintimidating, highly participatory, uniquely educational, and most importantly, FUN team building idea, Improv at The Comedy Palace is for you.

Attentive listening, empathy, trust, and practicing and observing nonverbal language and tone, are skills that add tremendous benefit to organizations, and are the core skills used in improv.

Using the magic improv formula of, “Yes, and!”, your team will be amazed at how the positive power of improv can teach them to:

  • Have their coworkers’ backs by putting team needs over ego

  • Know their coworkers in a new light (this is always fun!)

  • Say yes to the moment, and say yes to each other

  • Think quickly by disregarding their critical mind

  • Produce positive, uninhibited idea generation

  • Practice more effective presentation skills

  • Have FUN while doing it all!

The same principles we teach in our Improv at The Comedy Palace classes are reviewed in our corporate workshops. Specifically, overcoming the “5 Obstacles to a Direct Experience” presented by the godmother of modern improvisation, Viola Spolin:

  1. The Approval/Disapproval Syndrome - Getting over trying to please others

  2. Self-Pity - Conquer self defeat

  3. Success/Failure - Transcend opposites of negative and positive

  4. Attitudes - Drop appearances and learn to deal with the problem

  5. Fear - Defeat fear through a direct experience

We realize and respect that some participants are more shy than others, and we promise a safe and comfortable experience for all.

HOST/MC/practical jokes

We can supply a host, MC, or auctioneer for your event. We’re also available for personalized practical jokes.


You’ll find our prices for corporate shows and workshops to be a bargain.  Improv at The Comedy Palace has a low overhead, so we can pass those savings on to you. And yes, we do realize that sounds like a furniture store tagline. Contact us below for an estimate, based on your specific needs. The Comedy Palace can host, with a full menu of delicious appetizers, entrees, desserts and full bar, or we can go to a location of your choosing.







Improvised scenes inspired by true stories!

Stories connect us all, and ”Idiom" is the most audience interactive show in town! We get a suggestion to base the show’s stories on, then audience members (you’re able to stay in the comfort of your seat!) and the cast are invited to tell true, personal stories based on that suggestion, followed by hilarious improvised interpretations inspired by the stories. Characters, themes and locations are revisited throughout the show, to create an outrageous and rewarding theatrical experience!

Stay tuned for special guests with interesting lives, and local or visiting celebrities to be our main storytellers for the show. If you know of someone who would make a great storyteller for the show, please contact us.

Followed by “The Dream”

“Idiom” is also available for private shows for companies, organizations, anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, or any occasion you’d like to celebrate in a unique, funny and bonding way! Contact us for more information.


All the news that’s fit to be ridiculed!

“The Distort Report” uses current news events as inspiration for satirical adaptations. The audience arrives to a selection of local and national newspapers and news magazines, and are asked to cut out any articles they would like to see adaptations of. These are tacked to bulletin boards on stage and chosen by the cast throughout the show to inspire improvised scenes. Characters, themes and locations are revisited throughout the show, to create an outrageous and rewarding theatrical experience!

Followed by “The Dream”

Fun fact, this news-inspired improv format was how modern improv started in New York City in the 1920’s, as well as how Chicago’s world famous improv mecca The Second City started their improv journey in the basement of a bar.

the dream.jpg


Witness what an audience member’s dream will look like!

In this surreal, high-energy improv show we interview an audience volunteer (& several volunteers for the extended show) from the audience about their day. We use that as inspiration to improvise scenes about what we think their dreams will look like that evening. Guaranteed to be an extraordinary otherworldly experience!

Performed in a shortened format after “Idiom” and “Distort Report”, & also featured on its own night, with an extended format, wherein several audience volunteers are interviewed, and everyone’s dreams blend together.

If you, or someone you’re bringing, is having a special day (birthday, anniversary, celebration, etc.) on the day of this show (or close enough to that day), and would like to be interviewed, please contact us for more information asap.

This show can also be added to private shows, along with “Idiom.”



Featuring the best San Diego and out of town independent improv teams.

Chicago style long form improvisation at it’s finest!


If you have a long form indie team that would like to play*, or if you’d like a “Community Card” for free admission to any of our shows (after paid audience members & Improv at The Comedy Palace student/graduates are seated) contact Paul. Community Cards are for indie team members asked to play on our Indie Improv shows, as well as anyone currently enrolled in an improv class at an established training program.** 

*Please note, if Paul is unfamiliar with your team, he will ask for a video of a full show, either in front of an audience, or done in your practice, in order to be considered for a slot.

**Proof of enrollment required, e.g., receipt, email from teacher, theater owner or theater admin.



You’re invited to Kitty Lou’s and Bobby Jack’s wedding!

An insanity filled show unlike anything you’ve experienced.

  • Snake handling wedding ceremony

  • Dancing (country and city folk type)

  • Gift giving (you can bring one, we’ll give it back after show)

  • Pre-wedding meet and greet

  • Post-wedding karaoke with the wedding party

  • PLENTY of redneck drama

Menu from The Greek Palace, featuring a great variety of appetizers, entrees, desserts and alcoholic beverages.

Come as a friend or family member! Interact with us throughout the show as your own character. Uncle Jack who just got out of prison? Tasha Lynlee, who objects to the wedding when given the opportunity by Preacher Dick, because she’s still in love with the groom Bobby Jack, who happens to be her cousin? Grandpa Jimmy Jack who hasn’t left his cabin in the woods with his moonshine still in years? The choice is yours, you’ll get a name tag and be able to (re)acquaint yourself with the wedding party in our pre-wedding meet and greet. Redneck costumes are not required, but highly encouraged!

Don’t feel like participating so much? No problem! We have tables designated for people who want to participate a lot, people who want to participate a little, and those who are just there to watch.

You’ll have fond memories of this celebration of redneck love for a long time!

(If you’re an improviser interested in being in the cast, contact Paul. It’s a paid show.)



Kate duffy - What the &$%8# Are You? 

A character workshop

Saturday January 2020 18 2pm-5pm

Are you playing you too much? Are your characters more like caricatures? This workshop focuses on creating interesting, truthful, multi-dimensional characters through the lens of physicality.

Kate Duffy has been an instructor at The Second City Chicago and The Second City L.A.. She plays Ellen in the Emmy-Nominated show, “ctrl alt delete”, was featured on Jimmy Kimmel, & is on the critically-acclaimed powerhouse trio “The Playboys” with Susan Messing and Rachel Mason, She performed with Children of a Lesser God, a troupe critic’s called, “the best all-female improv troupe in Chicago”, as well as “The Signatures”, “Deep Schwa”, & “Otis.” Kate also spent 3 years performing for The Second City on cruise ships, with their National Touring Company and has performed and written for their online network and understudied their resident stages. During that time she developed The Mary Kay Letourneau Players with her writing partner Katie Rich (SNL), creating a show critics called, “the Kobe beef of comedy,” and a television spin-off pilot, 15 Minutes to Obscurity.



A writing workshop - Coming this Fall, stay tuned

Writing a successful one-person show/self-inspired sketch show requires finding the point of view, patterns, and heart of the piece. Even if you already have several sketches, putting them together in a way that tells the story you want to tell is crucial. Create and tell YOUR story!

ROBYN LYNNE NORRIS is a comedic actor, improviser, writer, & Creator of the Off-Broadway show #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment, which she starred in during its Los Angeles (as Undateable) and Chicago runs. She has written, taught, and performed sketch and improvisational comedy (and free-style rap!) for theatres and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Regional theatre: Kirk Douglas Theatre, Alliance Theatre, UP Comedy Club. Comedy/improv: The Second City (Las Vegas Mainstage, National Touring Company), iO (house teams "Fox Force Five" and "The Signatures"), ComedySportz, and M.i.’s Westside Comedy Theatre. Connect with Robyn personally at Twitter: @robynlnorris. Insta: @robynlynnenorris



(WORKSHOP name/description TBD)

Coming Fall/Winter, stay tuned

Craig’s passion for improv will permeate your being, and you are guaranteed to leave his workshop with a newfound respect, love and wisdom of the craft. His ability to finesse the best out of you will amaze you before his workshop is halfway through.

A Chicago native, Craig teaches improv at IO Chicago and Chicago’s The Second City. He performed with The Second City National Touring Company, was a Writer/Performer with The Second City Las Vegas, and has played with Chicago’s The Second City Mainstage. He continues to play with IO Chicago’s longest running Harold team, “Deep Schwa”, as well as their long-running powerhouse musical improv team, “The Deltones”, and their incredible, “Armando Diaz Experience.”


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contact IMPROV AT THE COMEDY PALACE through the form below:


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